Sex Drugs and Sustainability

Long time friends Sonya and Anza get together to chat about all things sustainability--where sustainability is more than just recycling and solar panels. This podcast works towards creating a socially just world through diverse discussions with kick ass guests.
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Jan 1, 2018

Forget the appologies for our absence, we’re here now and that’s what matters!

Since we haven’t been around as much the past year (thats right, 2017 is finally behind us!) we thought we’d Q + A each other about the last 365 day. Hear about grad school (x2), mental health (x1000), Sonya’s new found ability to navigate toxic work, trying to #YOLO (we never actually say “YOLO,” but Anza was def alluding to it), and much more!

Looking forward to charging into 2018 with high hopes and low expectations!

(Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, cuz that’s where we hang these days.)

Jul 28, 2017

Ha! Remember that time we said we were coming off our hiatus?? That was almost two months ago...whoops! Anyway, life got weird for Sonya--and she goes into how toxic work environments (and environment in general) can really influence mental health (and more!) We also get an update on Sonya's RAD project that takes her back to her sustainability roots.

Our main attraction though is real talk on Saturn's Return (and the similarly related 27 Club) because late 20s are hard y'all and we're feeling it. So, if you're 27, coming up on 27, or survived 27 (dear god, share your stories to help us through)...this episode is for you! Your life may be falling apart, but don't worry--you're not alone! Our lives are falling apart, too. But we're here for YOU! Stay sustainable, y'all.

Note: unfortunately, Anza's sound file got corrupted (Sonya worked some Podcast-audio magic) so it might sound a little funny in the beginning. It gets better though! 

Jun 2, 2017

Holy Mackerel Y'all--WE'RE BACK!

Serious apologies for the unplanned hiatus, it's like we've been busy...or something (#gradschool // #mentalhealth // #life)! Anyway, y'all know we were gone and now y'all know we're back. WE'VE MISSED YOU!

Since it's been a hot minute (more like 6 months) this episode we do a quick catch up on life, mental health (the journey continues), school, and some other random stuff that you'll just have to listen to the episode to find out about.

Plus, it's June (when did that happen???)! Which is our favorite because it's PRIDE MONTH! Happy Pride ya queer darlings out there, you know we love ya! Plus, it's been a whole year since one of the co-host came out as asexual on this very podcast. So we talk about that, obvs.

And to conclude: covfefe.

Jan 7, 2017

Hi Sustainability Friends!

 We made it through 2016, and we are gearing up for another year of excitement (whatever that means). Peep this episode and get ready for more Sex Drugs and Sustainability coming your way!

Sonya and Anza catch up on what's happening (and are maybe a little more lack-luster than planned. 2016 took a lot out of all of us...) before transitioning into an awesome interview with Denise--a kickass autistic, queer, trans, and all around amazing human who shares their personal perspective on autism. 

We met Denise through a Tumblr page set up for their Autism Activism Anthropology Thesis...which you can read here (we highly recommend doing so--it's full of great info)! Denise has also offered up their e-mail if you have any questions or want to hear more: denise.parry94 (at)

Happy 2017, y'all! Stay Sustainable!


As always, thanks to Bret Eagleston for the awesome transition music.

Dec 9, 2016

We’ve got another absolutely sustainable and totally kickass episode ready for your listening pleasure! Start out with a quick check-in with Sonya and Anza, who are having some college flash-backs while sending out a bunch o’ love in the wake of all the tragedy in world. Then, follow it up with a timely conversation with author, Alison Ownings.

Alison has been writing books that dig into circles and cultures that are often over looked. In light of the recent #NODAPL, her most recent book, “Indian Voices: Listening to Native Americans” seems more important than ever. Alison talks about her experience of researching and writing the book as a non-native who didn’t know much about native cultures before starting the project. She also shares how non-native people (Yes! You!) can be better allies (Guess what! It’s super easy: JUST LISTEN!) to native people.


Alison Ownings –

Indian Voices – (you can find it on Amazon, but consider supporting your local bookstore instead!)


As always a big thanks to Bret Eagleston for the fab music. More of his stuff at: 

Nov 19, 2016
Sustainability Loves!
The aftermath of the election has been difficult and trying for many people around the world. Rather than bringing on a guest this episode, Sonya and Anza talk candidly about what happened election night and the days that followed. It's raw. It's real. We're here, and we're feeling it. #notmypresident
Please remember, Sex Drugs and Sustainability is a sanctuary and a place where you are safe. Please reach out to us if you are struggling and need someone to talk to, or just need someone to listen. We love you! #togetherunitedwecannotbedivided
As per Season 2 magic, our transistion music comes at you thanks to Bret Eagleston (more of his stuff at
Oct 28, 2016

We're coming back at ya after some technical difficulties! Ready for some sustainability love? In this episode, hear how Sonya is getting down with some protests while Anza is encountering a plethora of tiny critter friends.

Next we go into an interview with long-time listeners, supporters, and sex-drugs-sustainability embodiers: Kathleen and Bob-o! Our guests have an amazing love story that has taken them on quite the sustainability journey. They have lived in some amazing situations, and currently live fully and totally off the grid. 

This amazing music is brought to you by Bret Eagleston-->


Oct 7, 2016

AND WE'RE BACK! It's the moment y'all have been waiting for: SEASON 2 is here! Hear about what we've been up to the last couple months in our new lives and check out some strong misandry-feels (all day, e'ry day).

To get you back into the sustainability swing of things, Sonya interviews the instructors for her 3-week orientation field course that took place in Los Angeles. One is a fierce academic and the other an aggressive organizer. We get the dirty on what their social justice work looks like in the academic and organizing world. #staysustainable

Guests: Kaitlin and Michael

Intro music by Bret Eagleston--catch more of his stuff at

Sep 4, 2016

Sonya and Anza both start with an update on where their lives are taking them currently (#adventures), before diving into a look back at Season 1. We pop a bottle of champs (#day drinking) and revisit highlights from each of our interviews.

Enjoy this look (listen?) back at all the amazing guests we've had the pleasure of interviewing and sharing with all of you! And once you're all nostalgic for Sex Drugs and Sustainability don't worry--we'll be dropping a new season on you in October.


Sep 4, 2016

We have a big announcement coming at you about Sex Drugs and Sustainability this week! You'll have to tune in to find out what it is...

Also in this episode Sonya talks about how her mental health journey has continued to transpire, Anza shares about some family-things, and we acknowledge the state of the world this past week. In these time, we couldn't have had a more timely guest than Maureen. She is super fierce and fucking bad ass. She talks to us about education, white privilege, how we all need to have some skin in the game, and so. much. more.

This is not an episode you want to miss!

Want to know more about Maureen and get in touch?? ​

Sep 4, 2016

In this episode of Sex Drugs and Sustainability: Sonya has a fun-filled, un-vegan, and free bleeding month. While Anza has some squeaky friends stinking up her office. We give our feminist take on a couple of truly tragic current events (CW: sexual assault and gun violence). But don't worry, we turn it around with our incredible guest who is a gender non-conforming, LGBTQ-nonprofit magician (best job title ever!) Enjoy an amazing conversation with an amazing human!

Book Recommendation: I Rise-The Transformation of Toni Newman

Sep 4, 2016

Happy Pride Month equality-loving-beasts! Sex Drugs and Sustainability celebrates you for whoever you are! It’s more than just LGBTQIA+ around here. We love and support you wherever you may be in your “journey”…SO this week we have a super special surprise guest (who you’ve met before!) talk about recently coming to terms with identifying on the asexual spectrum!

Also fresh this episode: Sonya has an interview where she is told flat out she wasn't good enough for the job, but ultimately realizes she is fucking amazing AND plenty good enough. (Don’t believe everything you’re told, kids!) Meanwhile, Anza spends hours walking around Washington D.C. trying to find a lesbian bar, followed by a hunt for pizza--and ultimately turns up empty handed both times. Tune in for these stories, and more!

Sep 4, 2016

This just in! David Sedaris lets us down (#whitemenruinmylife, anyone?), Anza keeps adulting real hard (is adulthood actually marked by home appliance purchases?), and Sonya takes another step in her mental health journey (how hard can the system possibly make it to ask for help? P.S. the answer is REALLY HARD.)

PLUS OUR GUEST IS FROM SWEDEN. That's right, the ARCTIC CIRCLE (are you wondering if there are reindeer everywhere??? APPARENTLY SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE!) Evelina was born and raised in Sweden before coming to the good ol' USofA for college and has lived here for 6 of the past 7 years. We dig into what it's like living abroad from the silly questions people ask to the things that are still jarring after all these years. Also, she's basically the reason Anza stayed in college, so we think she's pretty great.

Sep 4, 2016

Hear all about Sonya's new hashtag (#whitemenruinmylife) and the story behind it, directly followed by a conversation with...a white man! A fun conversation with this episode's guest who is gay and atheist, and happens to be from the South.

Bonus: we continued recording after the episode and Cody told such a gem of a story that we had to include it at the end of the episode. It involves titties!

Sep 4, 2016

Happy 10th episode, y'all! In this episode we start lighthearted, but then we bring the thunder with our guests, Kara and Forrest. These two share about being parents who are also caretakers, advocates, activists (and so much more) for their children. Learn all about medical cannabis use, and what some of the implications of laws and legislature surrounding it's legalizations (or lack there of) are for families like theirs.

Free Cannabis-Medicine Seminar  - April 20, 2016 at Foothills Event Center in Grass Valley
Silas' Story -
Oakland Museum of California | Altered State: Marijuana in California | April 16-September 25, 2016
Lennox Gastaut Foundation -
Project CBD: Medican Marijuana | Cannabinoid Science -

Sep 4, 2016

Did you hear we were in Tahoe?? In this episode we talk about how Tahoe reminds us of mental health issues and we interview the spectacular APRIL who shares her experience being a former slut-shamer and creating environmental and feminist art! Check it out!

Sep 4, 2016

This is no April Fool's joke--here is another episode for your listening pleasure! Hope y'all are enjoying this weekly content while it lasts.

The Trump saga continues and our guest talks about what it's like to be a woman who uses the internet and plays video games. Stay sustainable out there!

Sep 4, 2016

SURPRISE!!! Bet you weren't expecting an episode this week. Well here you go! Our gift to you! Anza may have just made a very adult purchase and Sonya may be pretty shaken about an old friend supporting a certain political figure. 

Our awesome guests are Samuel and Samantha, a married couple who may or may not practice traditional monogamy in their marriage (gasp!). Find out in this weeks episode of Sex Drugs and Sustainability!

Aug 24, 2016

Have you ever asked a queer lady who 'the man' is in their relationships? Well it's time you cut that shit out! Find out why in this episode with our super queer and super fly guest, Kaitlin!

Aug 24, 2016

Are you ready for another episode? Well here it is! Listen to us talk about fetus gender reveal parties, emotional labor, and rolling right into RACISM with our guest Jonathan in this episode - have you ever been called the n-word?

Aug 24, 2016

Sustainability loves! Are you as pissed as we are about the injustice of Kesha's sexual assault verdict? Well then give our new episode a listen! Be prepared for this super intense guest interview that comes with a content warning: the amazing Alisa talks about her personal sexual assault story. Alisa is a positive force in the world and we know you'll love her as much as we do! 

CW: sexual assault.

Aug 24, 2016

Hola sexy sustainability junkies! Catch us on this episode talking about everything from Trump to the No Bullshit Policy to our AMAZING guest Charlotte talking mental health and Kink.

KINK YA'LL! Don't miss it!

Aug 24, 2016

Hey there all you sex positive, sustainability loving beasts! Are you ready for another episode? 

If so, you're in luck! Listen to our birth control woes, hear us slam Tahoe BIG TIME, and interview our beloved Marcos?

Find Marcos' band, Divorces, on Soundcamp:

Aug 24, 2016

Your favorite duo is BACK! Introducing our new podcast: Sex Drugs and Sustainability!

For our first guest we interview our Catholic friend, Conor. Check out our first episode!